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Required equipment (at each practice)

  • skates (figure skates or hockey skates are fine) 
  • shin guards (any style) 
  • a neck guard (hockey neck guard works well) 
  • gloves
  • helmet (bike helmets or hockey helmets are fine)
  • long sleeve shirt / sweatshirt / long sleeve jacket (safety regulations require all skin except for face to be fully covered / protected)

Recommended equipment

  • NBSSC skin suits (see NBSSC equipment manager)
  • Cut proof gloves
  • Speedskating helmets
  • Cut proof skins for under skin suits
  • Cut proof ankle sleeves
  • Protective eye wear
  • Sharpening jig and stones
  • Speedskating bag



First year skaters may rent speed skates from the Club for $100 for the season. Skate rental is on a first come, first serve basis. The Club cannot guarantee skate availability or exact fit, but will do its best to accommodate each skater.

Purchasing your own equipment

The official outfitter for the Northbrook Speed Skating Club is Carpenter Boot Company.  Before ordering new skates / blades it is recommended to verify with the coaches on length, type and other specs.

Caring for skates

  • Soakers - use to keep blades dry in between practices to avoid rust and deterioration of the blades 
  • Hard guards - use at practice to walk from locker room to the ice rink to prevent blades from getting dull
  • Sharpening - Speed skate blades can not be sharpen by any skate shop in the area.  Speed skates need to be hand sharpened using a jig and sharpening stones. There are several members in the Club that can assist with sharpening.

Northbrook Speed Skating Club