Northbrook Speed Skating Club

The success of our club is dependent on the generous support of our sponsors.  Thank you!

Gifts and Sponsorship

McCabe Merrill Lynch

Assistant Coach simone

NBSSC Alum Simone is back on the ice coaching our newest skaters.


assistant coach chris C.

Skaters receive technical training from Coach Chris who complements his speed skating experience with a degree in Movement Science

drop-in coach chris S.

After years as the NBSSC Head Coach, Chris now provides occasional coaching for the club.

Coach emeritus chuck

With the club for 3 decades, Chuck still drops in to visit and share his wisdom & skill.

Assistant Coach Deanna

Deanna brings experience teaching new skaters of all ice sports as she coaches our newest skaters.

Head Coach Tom

Head Coach Tom started as an NBSSC skater and then skated on the US National team & competed internationally.